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Trade Lines and
Credit Repair

Trade Lines

The trade line reports initially within 90-120 days to two consumer credit bureaus and monthly thereafter. Upon cancellation of service, the trade line will be reported as "Paid/Closed" and reflect a zero balance. A minimum twelve month term is required on all trade lines. The trade lines are serviced by a national Fortune 500 company. This Fortune 500 company handles the servicing of the account as well as the credit reporting. They will report both good and bad credit histories. Our primary installment trade lines have the following features:

  • These trade lines report to Experian and Transunion
  • The trade lines report within 90 days after the account is set up
  • Credit line is considered a primary installment or revolving trade line
  • Can be closed anytime after 12 months
  • When account is closed, loan will show that the loan is paid in full
  • Reported by a nationally recognized fortune 500 company
  • No credit check required

There is a 700 set up for each trade line.

Primary Installment Trade Line Pricing

Limit Minimum Credit Score Requirement Payment
$2,500 N/A $50/mo
$5,000 N/A $75/mo
$7,500 N/A $100/mo
$10,000 N/A $125/mo
$15,000 N/A $150/mo
$25,000 N/A $175/mo
$37,500 N/A $200/mo
$50,000 N/A $225/mo


Limit Minimum Credit Score Requirement Payment
$5,000 N/A $59/mo
$7,500 N/A $84/mo
$10,000 N/A $109/mo

Credit Repair

Our standard plan guarantees that you obtain a 720 credit score within 6 months.

  • Open and up front conditions of our guarantee
  • 6 month guarantee begins when we have your payment, signed agreements and access to your credit reports through an approved online credit monitoring service
  • You must follow our instructions and advice
  • Guarantee is void if you miss any payments (If on payment program)
  • You must keep all your "good" accounts in good standing
  • You must discuss and disclose to us any material fact or action pertaining to your credit while you are a client

The only way you can achieve a 720 credit score is for us to work together and allow us to render the service you have paid for. If you follow all of our recommendations and you do not obtain a 720 credit score we will provide you with lifetime credit repair services for no extra charge!

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